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Our Inspiration

Our inspiration is born in a peaceful and magical place, from the islands of Norway, where tall majestic mountains hide soft mysterious forests,  rolling green fields have pockets of flowery meadows, and quaint rivers secretly flow in to the bluest of oceans.  

It is a place where the true sparkle of all that is good is yet alive.  A world that allows you to dream, encourages you to be kind, teaches you to be courageous, and molds you to be patient.  


The soul of our story is born in this wonderful world, and we wish to share it with each one of you through our magnificent pieces.

The Key to BabyGems

We have found that the power of goodness is mightier than anything in the universe. 

We create virtue filled jewellery masterpieces to remind you to look up upon the world with eyes that are good and a heart full of love.

Be it the fierce determination of Mathias our famous Toven Train, or the sweet strength of Belevan the Cow, each piece carries for you it’s unique goodness and shall stay your companion through all paths that open before you.

Let it empower you to have no fear, for in the end, the darkest shadows shall disappear with the mighty rays of the sun.

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